Hire a contractor or do it yourself - the choice is yours!

A new approach to a new era

We design premier quality photovoltaic systems for residential, commercial, and agricultural clients. Not all solar modules are created equal. We use only top quality modules, inverters and racking. Every project differs; roof mount, ground mount, shade conditions, full sun, limited space, excessive space, grid tie, off grid, battery back-up. We take the given parameters and maximize our client's investment.

self installation

Our clients can install the system themselves for about 1/3 the price of what competitors charge for solar installation. It is far more straightforward than most people would think. We coach you through the process. You install it and save big! We handle the permitting and application to the Utility Co. for interconnection. This is highly recommended for anyone with any degree of handyman skills. We assist with warranty issues as per industry standard.

professional installation

We have relationships with licensed solar contractors for those who choose professional installation. After their charges are figured in, our clients can still have solar installed by a licensed solar contractor for about 2/3 the going rate. A 10 year warranty applies to your roof as per California law and again, we assist with warranty issues as per industry standard.

ahead of competitors


5k system for $8500
$5950 after 30% federal tax credit


$3.10/watt, 5k system for $15,500
$10,850 after 30% credit

*Taxes apply to equipment

don’t pay their overhead

Our competitors are pricing their solar systems to support large marketing departments and sales fleets. In some cases customers are overpaying up to $7.00/watt, but the current going rate for contractor solar install is $4.00/watt.

$4.00/watt, 5k system for $20,000
$14,000 after 30% tax credit

Our Business model challenges the industry

Solar is not sorcery. We empower you to deploy the system you've wanted at a third of the going rate.
Everyone should own their own solar.

A solar system increases property value by $25,000 and, over the first 25 years, will save most people over $90,000 in electric bills.

  • Invest in your home while saving up to 70% on a system measured to meet your needs

    We assess, design and provide instructions on how to complete your solar installation

  • immediately Increase the value of your property

    Typically a Solar installation brings $25,000 of additional value to your property investment

  • The industry going rate is $4 per watt

    This cost factors the large company's overhead expenses like sales teams, advertising and inflated installation fees. Our self-installed systems start at $1.65 per watt!

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